What’s on my mind?

Well, at the moment I’m listening to the Glass Fire update on the radio. The containment is reaching higher percentages each day which is a relief. I’m still in an evacuation warning zone. I don’t watch the news because of the effect of the images being put out there non-stop. The fires are very real here…. I see and feel the effects every single minute … Continue reading What’s on my mind?


The winds picked up last night with more lightening. The fires are spreading fast and the closest one to me has 0% containment. The smoke in the air is so thick it’s permeating my house with all the windows and doors shut. My lungs hurt. My head hurts. I’m coughing. I’m crabby. The Prednisone is the only thing keeping my lungs working right now, but … Continue reading Smoke


It’s a beautiful spring day. Warm and breezy. By all rights, i should be outside flying a kite with Daddy! Quarantine restrictions are being lifted. Curfew and the National Guard have left. Why am i inside rather than enjoying this gorgeous spring day? Stress weighs heavy in our home. i’m waiting for the plumber to come. Our water heater went out yesterday. Daddy is sick … Continue reading Life

I keep sitting down to write

I can’t tell ya how many times I’ve sat here staring at the blank computer screen trying to write something. I’ve had ideas for posts, but the words just haven’t come together. I wouldn’t say I’ve had “writer’s block”. I have to be honest and say that stress of life right now has got me down. I’m unmotivated to do much of anything creative. Far … Continue reading I keep sitting down to write