Deal Breakers

There are a number of issues which I am extremely hard on and will not budge. They are deal breakers in the relationship department…. from casual acquaintances through to romantic partners. I base my opinions on education and life experience. This list is probably not exhaustive nor is it in any particular order. Am I judgmental and harsh with a dose of hard-core bitch mixed … Continue reading Deal Breakers

Working On Us- Medication

Help Break The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health ~~ Question Prompt: When you first were diagnosed with your mental illness/disorder, did it take a while to get used to your medications that were prescribed to you?  If you answer the question, (YES), How did you feel initially? Depending on how long you have been on medication, how many times do you think it has been adjusted … Continue reading Working On Us- Medication

Mental Illness Isn’t Who You Are!!

I spent 15 years of my life working in social rehabilation programs with individuals carrying mental health diagnoses which are deemed major and persistent. Schizophrenia, Bipolar D/O, Personality disorders to name a few. The idea with these diagnoses is that they never go away. It’s a lifelong illness. The goal of social rehabilitation is to help those of us with such mental illnesses live the … Continue reading Mental Illness Isn’t Who You Are!!


Growing up in the family I did, boundaries were essentially non-existent. At least mine weren’t. I wasn’t allowed to speak for myself. My thoughts and feelings were deemed unimportant or outright wrong. I remember my mom and older brother deciding for me that I wasn’t going to a 4 year college right out high school as I sat there listening to them decide my life … Continue reading Boundaries