It’s Summer!!

It’s summer and the world has opened back up again. What could be better??? Daddy took me to the beach a couple weeks ago. We had so much fun! It was Grumpy’s first time and he was in puppy heaven. He could dig and dig and dig and not get in trouble. *giggles* This Saturday we went to the Armstrong Woods. my favorite place in … Continue reading It’s Summer!!

Look, Daddy… Punky People!

“Happy anniversary, Daddy!!!”, arms spread wide for a morning hug and a grin spanning my face. “Happy anniversary, kitten”, hugging me tight to His chest, kissing my forehead. Today is the one year anniversary of Daddy moving out to California to be with me. ♥ i got up a little before Daddy this morning. Settled at my desk with a couple of coloring pages and … Continue reading Look, Daddy… Punky People!

Woman Approved: Man-to-Man Advice on Buying Lingerie for the Lady in Your Life

I dare say that most women are thrilled when the man in their life takes the time to shop for and buy her sexy lingerie. It speaks volumes to us in a way which other gifts just fall short. I follow a men’s health blog where the writer speaks on all sorts of topics. Most recent post is on the subject of buying lingerie for … Continue reading Woman Approved: Man-to-Man Advice on Buying Lingerie for the Lady in Your Life

Shopping Day with Daddy

Good afternoon, friends! Daddy and i got up and out of the house early. Anything before noon is REALLY early for Him. lol He remarked on it when we were on the road at 10:15am. Stopped for a quick breakfast a local bagel shop. First fresh bagel Daddy’s had since moving to California 11 months ago. He was very impressed with the place. 🙂 It … Continue reading Shopping Day with Daddy