Can we stop slut shaming women?!

I can’t say I’ve never heard slut shaming from a man. Of course it happens. Where you hear it the most is from other women. Can we STOP!?!?!? Sexuality is part of human existence and totally natural. Do we have to moralize everything, criticize and shame women who express theirs differently or more freely?! I’m one of those women who just oozes sex appeal. I … Continue reading Can we stop slut shaming women?!

Porn / Fetlife Addiction

I share myself and my life openly here. Today I’m sharing that I’m hurting and really heartbroken. I’m confused and overwhelmed. Honestly, I’m outraged and humiliated, as well. I am NOT seeking advice or opinions about what to do in this situation. I am simply putting my feelings and experiences forward. It’s hard enough to walk this path. Porn addiction has hit the McDaddy home. … Continue reading Porn / Fetlife Addiction