Freedom of speech doesn’t make it right

The other day a guy I knew on Facebook posted a meme which hit every single one of my feminist points. He defended that I don’t get to decide what’s right and wrong. He defended his position that a version of this post with a woman looking disgusted is acceptable because he thinks it’s ok. I have some things to say about that! Could I … Continue reading Freedom of speech doesn’t make it right

Looking vs. Leering

Fellas, take note… there’s a big difference between looking at a beautiful, sexy woman and leering. The first is a compliment. It’s OK to take notice. It’s flattering. I dress in way that makes most men look. Staring and leering cross into the territory of being uncomfortable!! I’m gonna be really honest here. I’m used to being looked at and hit on. It’s a routine … Continue reading Looking vs. Leering