Lick my bottom, Daddy?

All forms of anal play were on Daddy’s hard limit list when we first met. Here we are almost two years later and how things have changed! Daddy’s always loved my ass. The shape, the way i swing my hips…. He just loves my ass! One night i was stretching out my back in a slave-like position on the bed and He buried His face … Continue reading Lick my bottom, Daddy?

Toasty Tuesday

92* here in the beautiful wine country. There’s a beautiful cross breeze flowing through the house right now. We’re almost to the hottest part of the day… 5pm here is when the witching hour of death hits. Cooking seems like a horrible idea! Rainbow sherbert isn’t gonna hold us all day. πŸ˜‰ Maybe I’ll throw some country ribs in the Showtime rotisserie? We’ll see. I’m … Continue reading Toasty Tuesday