Restraint of Pen & Tongue

I struggled for the longest time to find the willingness and importance in doing this. Rants, bitch sessions, cussing people out can really feel good… in the moment. I’m far from saying that I don’t still CHOOSE to let a few people have an honest piece of my mind in the moment. A saint, I am not! For today, I am going to talk about … Continue reading Restraint of Pen & Tongue

Looking vs. Leering

Fellas, take note… there’s a big difference between looking at a beautiful, sexy woman and leering. The first is a compliment. It’s OK to take notice. It’s flattering. I dress in way that makes most men look. Staring and leering cross into the territory of being uncomfortable!! I’m gonna be really honest here. I’m used to being looked at and hit on. It’s a routine … Continue reading Looking vs. Leering

Respectfully biting my tongue

Today, I am practicing the art of being respectful and obedient as I silently scream inside hating every moment of my task at hand. If you have been a sub for more than little while, you surely know exactly what I’m talking about. The issue is not with my Daddy. The issue is I am stuck between a rock and a hard spot with the … Continue reading Respectfully biting my tongue