Closing Doors

I reserve the right to end relationships which no longer work for me regardless of how it impacts the other person. It took me 4 decades to able to do that. I’m beyond proud of myself for it and support others in doing the same thing! I lived in a family where love and belonging were 100% conditional upon being “good” and towing the line, … Continue reading Closing Doors

End of my journey down memory lane today

I wrote this not long before I the fateful night I met Daddy. A note to my future Daddy… I’m a little with the tenderest of hearts,eager to please. Be gentle, pleaseKind words and affection will bring you a happy, blooming babygirl. Guide me with sweetness. Explain why I have displeased you or a rule is in place should I ask. I’m NOT bratty to … Continue reading End of my journey down memory lane today

Ex’s are ex’s for a reason!

When I first joined Facebook I did what everyone did…. look up old friends, classmates, exs, co-workers, distant relatives. Curiosity. Hey, I wonder whatever happened to (blank)? I stumbled across my very first boyfriend. Let’s call him, Todd. He gave me a paragraph update on his life. Brief, polite. Ending with “My wife and I don’t allow friends with ex’s in our relationship”. I was … Continue reading Ex’s are ex’s for a reason!

Marriage is Hard Work!

Relationships are hard! Damn they’re hard! The good ones are the ones where the good days outweigh the ones that are a struggle. I ranted earlier about Facebook. Truth be told, the rant wasn’t about the comments themselves or even social media at large. The rant was pent up anger at my husband for unresolved hurts triggered once again by a similar situation. There were … Continue reading Marriage is Hard Work!