Sunny Saturday Morning

Good morning! 🙂 Hope you are well and enjoying the start of the weekend. I’m curled up with the dogs watching old reruns of The Match Game ’76. I’ve become hooked on this show! Daddy and I watch it every morning and a couple of the other game shows just before bed. I had no idea the BUZZR channel exists til He introduced me to … Continue reading Sunny Saturday Morning

Rambling on a breezy Tuesday afternoon

i stayed up all night chatting with Daddy, doing some research on a project i’m planning and just…. well… waiting for Daddy to come home. Pretty much the typical Monday night. Tuesdays are always a wee bit rough in our house. Daddy’s coming off His first overnight with another one tonight, i’ve stayed up with Him and i don’t sleep much. Seems there’s always something … Continue reading Rambling on a breezy Tuesday afternoon