NSFW Sex Quiz

1: When did you lose your virginity? I was 18. My bf and I planned it for the night after a huge BBQ we’d gone to with friends. We had a minor miscommunication that night and ended up having horribe sex the next morning when he couldn’t wait anymore. Typical first time story. It was bad!!! 2: Rough sex or soft sex?Primal. There’s a place … Continue reading NSFW Sex Quiz

Killing time before Daddy’s surgery

Anxiety is high in our house this morning, so I’m distracting myself with a bit of WordPress. He goes in at 11:30am. Keep Him in your thoughts, please. So… here’s a fun little quiz to learn a bit more about me. Who is your hero?  I don’t have one. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? I ask myself this question all the time. … Continue reading Killing time before Daddy’s surgery

Ordered to Down Time: A quiz to keep me “quiet”

Procrastinating My friend Harley posted this quiz today and I had such fun reading her answers I’m doing the same. I’d love to read yours, too. 🙂 1 – Write the first sentence of a novel, short story, or book of the weird yet to be written. She flickered the lights off and on with the twitching of her fingertips for the sheer entertainment of giving … Continue reading Ordered to Down Time: A quiz to keep me “quiet”