Anniversary Romp (NSFW, 18+)

Ah yes, the romp Daddy and i had on our anniversary was…. RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! This sexy little red strappy thing got lost at the bottom of my lingerie drawer and came out for a visit that night. *winky, winky* i skipped the coat and added 5″ silver studded fuck me heels. Ohhhh…. it was all Daddy could do to stop Himself from ripping my clothes off! … Continue reading Anniversary Romp (NSFW, 18+)

Flashlights, Ghost stories & Kink (18+ only)

What does any newly wed couple do when you’re all alone, there’s no electricity and hours of darkness? Yeah… that’s exactly what we did! *giggles* We snuggled in for an early night, cocktail in hand, for a bit of fun. As the darkness fell all around us, we turned the flashlights on, shining them on the ceiling to give a nice glow to the room. … Continue reading Flashlights, Ghost stories & Kink (18+ only)