Restful Saturday Night

Before Daddy left for work today i asked His permission to have a quiet, do nothing kind of day. He just stared at me in shock like i’m new. lol He’s always trying to get me to slow down!! He says i do too much. Then He smiled and said, “Of course, kitten.” i spent some time this morning knitting on the silk/wool blend sweater … Continue reading Restful Saturday Night

The Vine

Love grew in a loveless place. Dark and dank, full of sadness and grief. Yet, here grew a thriving vine covering the heavy doors keeping the lovers apart. He stood on one side and she on the other, but through the green vine of their love the could see each other. The hearts of the lovers touched and knew other long before the flesh ever … Continue reading The Vine


You are sweet and true, my sister, dear. Please don’t think I’ve forgotten you. We are not close, very distant indeed. But in my heart, I love you the most. My memories are old and faded of times before I understood with how much pain and sorrow you are laden. I remember when I was young. You were happy for a while, reading poetry and … Continue reading Lorrie

Dreaming of Love

My heart twitters when you are near. A song soars through my thoughts. Electric shivers run down my spine when your arm brushes mine. Welcome are the warm thoughts & daydreams of you. Your gentle nature has even captured my nighttime dreams. Every time the phone rings I think, “Is it him?” I smile with satisfaction when it is- and sigh a quiet disappointment when … Continue reading Dreaming of Love

The Pond

Here I sit looking at the pond. Ripples float by and never seem to end. The reflection is the sky and trees. Very pretty indeed. People walk by and pay no mind to one lone person here, crying out inside for someone to talk to. Lonely, lonely, lonely! This I don’t understand. So many friends have gone with the passing of time, but there days … Continue reading The Pond