Good Morning!

Daddy and i stayed up really late last night, so i’m just getting up. It’s almost 11:30! We watched The Flintstones last weekend on regular cable. i was hoping to find it again, but no such luck. It was awesome watching Fred & Barney get into their shenanigans!!! i’d forgotten just how much i loved that show! Today is Daddy’s last day of work for … Continue reading Good Morning!

Out-Bratting A Brat

A couple days ago i was really full of piss ‘n’ vinegar! i was giving Daddy a hard time in my fun, playful, bratty way. i don’t remember how it started. Doesn’t really matter. He was correcting me for something and i upped my anti and did the ultiimate No-No in Daddy’s book. i looked Him square in the eye and said, “No… I”M the … Continue reading Out-Bratting A Brat

Stick ’em up! You’re about to get sniffed!

Kink fixes EVERYTHING!!!! ;* Great afternoon at my friend’s house!!! Good conversation, i taught him how to make refridgerator ice tea. The dogs played. Then it was time to come home. Yeah, i took a peak in the bathroom. It’s ugly, but that’s not totally what this post is about. It’s about how KINK and playfulness can make just about any situation better!!! i mean, … Continue reading Stick ’em up! You’re about to get sniffed!