His Voice

NSFW Adult Content I have an aural fetish…. a kink which I don’t hear all that many people talking about. Voice… talking, the sound of a mans voice, inflection, tone…. this is one of the things which pushes me into submission and orgasm faster than anything else. It’s not all voices, all men. It’s less about what’s being said, than how. Phone sex was a … Continue reading His Voice

Super Hero Role Play

Super Hero role play is something Daddy and i have talked about over the course of our relationship, though never really acted on…..until last night. i asked Daddy to give me a few minutes to prepare for our play session before coming upstairs. It wasn’t planned… it was different. Wonder Woman outfit on complete from head to toe. White fox fur cape wrapped around my … Continue reading Super Hero Role Play

The Beauty of Ownership

We were dancing cheek-to-cheek in our hotel room after a romantic dinner last July when Daddy started kissing me and pinned me against the wall, looked deep in my eyes and proclaimed, “you belong to ME”. my lip started to quiver and i couldn’t look into His eyes for fear of crying. i was overwhelmed with love. He’d said the words before, but never with … Continue reading The Beauty of Ownership

Waking up to Daddy

NSFW. Adult Content. Daddy’s big hand caressing my back, soothing me. He pressed up close behind me pulling me tight to His body. Lips pressed to my neck. i moaned softly as i slowly woke. Hand on my cheek pulling my face to His. Submission. i rolled over to Him eager for His touch. Daddy’s strong body pinning me down, thrusting against me. Hands pinned … Continue reading Waking up to Daddy