Lovely day….

i woke up snuggled up close to Daddy. i could smell His hair. He woke me up wiggling and complaining a bit that i was trying to cuddle Him off the bed. *giggles* Of course, i had to retort back that it’s HIS fault if He sleeps on the edge of the bed and i just wanted to snuggle Him. 🙂 He does, ya know… … Continue reading Lovely day….

Far Away

I’m a California girl. Born and raised, 2nd generation. I’ve lived within 100 miles of San Francisco my entire life. I’ve traveled minimally. Not for lack of want, but life just hasn’t taken me that direction. I’ve had 2 opportunities in my life to pick up and go anywhere I want. Do what I want. Both times I did what I thought I was supposed … Continue reading Far Away