Friday Afternoon Chatter

I downloaded a coloring app on my phone a few days ago. It’s sucking up waayyyy too much of my time. Escapism is my friend. lol My craft room is full of bed parts and barely any walkable space, so my phone is getting even more use than normal. My phone is in the living room relaxing as I catch up my blog and all … Continue reading Friday Afternoon Chatter

Gentle Reminder of Boundaries

Hello friends 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve written an update on our home. Today, 41 days after the hot water pipe burst in the slab under the house, all of our walls are in tact… painted… and wait for it… the downstairs bathroom is fully functional. More work to be done… quite a bit more, but it feels hopeful and manageable. Yesterday I … Continue reading Gentle Reminder of Boundaries