Life Rambles

Forgive the rambling that’s about to come gurgling out over this screen. Hopefully a bit will me interesting and a wee bit entertaining. My brain is busy with a zillion and one thoughts. On a really fun note, I finally purchased the movie H@ME. It’s one of my very favorite little movies!! It’s happy, funny, upbeat and sure to turn my frown upside down. 🙂 … Continue reading Life Rambles

Escape…. Take me away!

I asked Daddy’s permission to stay up tonight promising to go to bed when I get tired. 🙂 Permission granted. Thank You, Daddy! ♥ I’m almost an hour into X-Men: The Final Stand. How did I miss this one?! Seriously!!! Fantasy, sci-fi, good versus evil, super hero stuff and if you throw in vampires for good measure, I’m all over that! 🙂 The X-Men films … Continue reading Escape…. Take me away!