Closing Doors

I reserve the right to end relationships which no longer work for me regardless of how it impacts the other person. It took me 4 decades to able to do that. I’m beyond proud of myself for it and support others in doing the same thing! I lived in a family where love and belonging were 100% conditional upon being “good” and towing the line, … Continue reading Closing Doors

Deal Breakers

There are a number of issues which I am extremely hard on and will not budge. They are deal breakers in the relationship department…. from casual acquaintances through to romantic partners. I base my opinions on education and life experience. This list is probably not exhaustive nor is it in any particular order. Am I judgmental and harsh with a dose of hard-core bitch mixed … Continue reading Deal Breakers

Reality Punch in the Face

The last couple of days I’ve been especially honest in my reactions to people. I am finding more and more that I am most certainly my mother’s daughter! She was loved and respected by many… and intensely disliked by others. Daddy described my style of communication as a reality punch in the face earlier today. I tend to agree. There are those who love it … Continue reading Reality Punch in the Face

Trauma DOESN’T make you stronger

The saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is fine. It has value and is true in many instances. It’s not meant to encapsulate every bad thing that’s ever happened to you. For example child abuse, rape, domestic violence, going to war … these are traumatic events which don’t make you stronger. They break you. Once anything is broken the integrity of the object … Continue reading Trauma DOESN’T make you stronger

Working On Us- Medication

Help Break The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health ~~ Question Prompt: When you first were diagnosed with your mental illness/disorder, did it take a while to get used to your medications that were prescribed to you?  If you answer the question, (YES), How did you feel initially? Depending on how long you have been on medication, how many times do you think it has been adjusted … Continue reading Working On Us- Medication

How are mental health conditions classified?

Mental heath conditions are the least understood of all medical conditions. They are also subject to the most stigma and judgment. The vast majority of people have no idea what the differences are between diagnoses, severity, causes, treatments and how they are classified. I cannot begin to address all of these things in one post. I’m going to break down the categories of mental health … Continue reading How are mental health conditions classified?