Ahhh… the sound of silence

There was a time in my life that I couldn’t stand sitting quiet. No talking, tv, radio, or outside source of entertainment. It wasn’t boredom. I’d have anxiety so bad it felt like I was coming out of my own skin I HAD to put some noise on around me to distract me from myself. What’s that about?! I was in a 12 step program … Continue reading Ahhh… the sound of silence

Metaphysics, Meditation & Energy

The last few weeks I’ve been working to bring myself back inline with my meditation practices. I’d forgotten how good it feels to center myself, meditate and draw upon the energy available to all of us. I struggled with the whole clear-your-mind style of meditation. Relax, focus on your breath, notice your thoughts and let them go. Trying to do this was like being in … Continue reading Metaphysics, Meditation & Energy