Anniverary Party

Daddy and i celebrated our 3rd anniversary in February. Yayyyy!!! We had a quiet wedding at home with a minister and one witness. We missed having friends and family celebrate with us. We decided around September that we’d have a small gathering of our closest friends and family to celebrate our marriage. It was a delight!!!! Covid gave us a couple of hiccups. Daddy’s 2 … Continue reading Anniverary Party

Daddy & Life Updates

We’ve been fighting together to save our marriage. After the last discovery of his online shit show hard lines were drawn. The immutable lines which may not be crossed, boundaries around respect and how to begin rebuilding trust. The most honest of feelings and experiences are no longer hidden in the corners to be tip toed around. To be honest, most of the time it’s … Continue reading Daddy & Life Updates


Things feel out of control in my life right now. The details don’t matter. What does matter is how I’m coping and/or not coping with the stress and overwhelm of emotions. I’ve ridden the wave of denial, trying to accept an insane situation and stuff my feelings about it. I’ve blown up a time or two. I’ve cried. I’ve scrubbed the house top to bottom. … Continue reading Control

Yesterday was the start of Daddy’s therapy. It was a joint session where we each shared our perspectives on what’s going on and where we want to go. To be honest, talking about the issues doesn’t hurt or bother me. It gets them out in the open so they can be dealt with. We’re only as sick as our secrets. The hard part? Seeing Daddy … Continue reading

Our house

The kitchen remodel is halfway done. The last time i was there we had half our cabinets installed. Daddy stopped by yesterday and they’re ALL IN!!!! Now for the counter tops and getting our appliances hooked back up again. Just a couple more days. Over the last few months we’ve been redecorating our home. New sofas, throw rugs, dining room furniture. Yesterday we opted to … Continue reading Our house