In-Laws & Kink

i’ve been thinking a bit about my in-laws lately. i’ve never met them. Daddy & i had a quiet, tiny wedding in our living room one Thursday evening without much fanfare. We knew all along it was going to happen, but exactly when wasn’t planned. Things kept getting in the way and one day i looked at Him and said, “What about today?” A few … Continue reading In-Laws & Kink

BDSM Protocol Reminder

My husband is my MASTER. I am HIS owned & collared submissive. Making passes at an owned submissive without the express permission of her Master is a serious breach of BDSM protocol. It extends beyond the social norms of hitting on another mans wife. Disrespecting her in any way is directly disrespecting her Master. She is His property and a reflection of Him. Being disrespectful … Continue reading BDSM Protocol Reminder

It’s easy being submissive from a distance…

I’ve written quite a bit about my past D/s relationships. Online only, long distance and ultimately shifting my LDR with Daddy to a 24/7 D/s relationship. I can tell you that it’s way easier being submissive from a distance than living it all the time! Daddy and I don’t have a full fledged TPE (total power exchange) dynamic, though there certainly are more things that … Continue reading It’s easy being submissive from a distance…

“The Talk” (aka: BDSM Checklist)

Wednesday night after a nice steak dinner and a couple cocktails out, Daddy and i went over our BDSM/kink checklists together. Eye opening indeed. 😉 For the most part there weren’t any shocks for Him where my kinks and interests lie. i’m much more open to talking about, thinking about, dissecting my wants, likes, needs than He is. He’s a doer and not so much … Continue reading “The Talk” (aka: BDSM Checklist)

Submission: Day 1

Day 1: How do you view your submission, i.e. taken in hand, Domestic Discipline, Top/bottom, Dominant/submissive, Master/slave, Owner/pet, etc.? If it’s not labeled, why not? i cannot label my submission simply into one category. As for an umbrella label, i’d use Daddy/little girl. This is the primary relationship style Daddy and i have. my Husband and I met on an online kink site, so our … Continue reading Submission: Day 1