Count Dracula… Oh My!!!

I started watching the old black and white Dracula movies with my father when I was around 4. Obviously, I didn’t understand the sexual undertones at that age. I still remember the beautiful women lying in bed wearing gorgeous nightgowns and being taken by surprise by the handsome, yet frightening Count Dracula. Vampire movies and books are still my favorite. The seed of a kink … Continue reading Count Dracula… Oh My!!!

Taudry Lavendar Skies

Mistress Ruffianne was thinking about Lavendar Skies again. Lavendar was a taudry kitten with ample breasts and wet pussycat. Mistress walked over to the window and reflected on her violent surroundings. She had always loved it at The Kink Factory with its well-used whipping pole. It was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel lustful. Then she saw something in the distance, or rather … Continue reading Taudry Lavendar Skies

Respect and remembering my place

Everyone has a different stance on the use of capitalization when writing within and about their D/s relationship. What i’ve discovered over time is that something so simple as using upper case letters when talking to or about Daddy and lower case about myself helps me remember my place as His submissive. It also helps to keep my thoughts on submission and my service to … Continue reading Respect and remembering my place