Hard little moments

When I think of being little I instantly flash to my happy times of giggling with Daddy, reading kids books in the bookstores out loud, playing catch at the park, wide eyed shopping dragging Daddy around by the hand and sweet cuddly moments where I just adore Him and can’t be close enough. This is the majority of being a little for me, but there … Continue reading Hard little moments

What age play looks like for me…

When Daddy and i first met, we were both pretty rigidly against age play. It hit that moral “Ewwwwww” spot for both of us. Slowly over time, we found ourselves dipping our toes in… now it’s a regular part of our sex life. i’ve found that engaging in age play takes various forms depending on mood, kink of the day and whether i’m in little … Continue reading What age play looks like for me…

Pleasing Daddy

Today’s been such a good, happy day!!! ♥ i’ve been little alll day long!!! Yay!!!! ♥♥♥ Daddy loves when i’m happy, relaxed and enjoying myself. 🙂 i am certainly all of those things. 🙂 Asking Daddy’s permission is one of the bestest things ever! ♥ Asking Daddy’s permission makes me feel little, taken care of, submissive and sooo very loved!!! i’m always Daddy’s good girl, … Continue reading Pleasing Daddy

Dusty Old Bookstore

Friday nights have kind of become my weekly afternoon with my best friend. He called this morning and asked if i’d run errands with him. i was delighted, of course! i’ve never really said anything about him. T is a few years older than me, sports blonde hair and blue eyes. He manages to match my snark and spar with me in our delisciously deviant … Continue reading Dusty Old Bookstore