Random Tuesday Ramblings

Daddy took me to dinner tonight. ♥ Haven’t been home all that long now. We went to one of our favorite date night spots. A steakhouse that’s been around for as long as I can remember. We had a great time. I’ve always been fascinated by the Holocaust. I’ll watch just about anything historical on the subject. Right now I’m watching ‘The Devil Next Door’ … Continue reading Random Tuesday Ramblings

Look, Daddy… Punky People!

“Happy anniversary, Daddy!!!”, arms spread wide for a morning hug and a grin spanning my face. “Happy anniversary, kitten”, hugging me tight to His chest, kissing my forehead. Today is the one year anniversary of Daddy moving out to California to be with me. ♥ i got up a little before Daddy this morning. Settled at my desk with a couple of coloring pages and … Continue reading Look, Daddy… Punky People!

Pleasing Daddy

Today’s been such a good, happy day!!! ♥ i’ve been little alll day long!!! Yay!!!! ♥♥♥ Daddy loves when i’m happy, relaxed and enjoying myself. 🙂 i am certainly all of those things. 🙂 Asking Daddy’s permission is one of the bestest things ever! ♥ Asking Daddy’s permission makes me feel little, taken care of, submissive and sooo very loved!!! i’m always Daddy’s good girl, … Continue reading Pleasing Daddy