Vanilla Life

. It’s been raining for almost a week which makes me want to curl up on the sofa with cocoa, movies and the puppies. I’ve done far too much of that today. Sigh. Not the worst thing in the world, but certainly not in alignment with my goals! Life is really good right now. I’ve been getting my business up and running. The hardest part … Continue reading Vanilla Life

Wanna Throttle My Lawyer!!!

We are just about 7 months into the process of handling all the trust affairs. The change of trustee happened back in October, but the rest of the paperwork around it STILL isn’t complete. The settlement agreement went out to my brothers with no deadline to sign and no indication that the new trustee can act on the settlement sent out without their consent and … Continue reading Wanna Throttle My Lawyer!!!

Daddy & Life Updates

We’ve been fighting together to save our marriage. After the last discovery of his online shit show hard lines were drawn. The immutable lines which may not be crossed, boundaries around respect and how to begin rebuilding trust. The most honest of feelings and experiences are no longer hidden in the corners to be tip toed around. To be honest, most of the time it’s … Continue reading Daddy & Life Updates


It’s a beautiful spring day. Warm and breezy. By all rights, i should be outside flying a kite with Daddy! Quarantine restrictions are being lifted. Curfew and the National Guard have left. Why am i inside rather than enjoying this gorgeous spring day? Stress weighs heavy in our home. i’m waiting for the plumber to come. Our water heater went out yesterday. Daddy is sick … Continue reading Life

Let me tell you how…

Through the course of blogging over a few years and watching YouTube explode with videos i’m dumbfounded by the sheer masses of people who have taken it upon themselves to teach others how to do everything from boil an egg to making an explosive device. There is nothing you can’t find an abundance of how-to-do-it-my-way blogs and videos out there. Honestly, it’s exhausting! I write … Continue reading Let me tell you how…

Struggling to stay focused

I started cleaning house about 8:30 am. A little over 3 hours later and I’ve only gotten the sofa cushions straightened out. lol Well, not only. Just the only task I’ve completed start to finish. The phone rang and it was my brother calling about the house. Not an unpleasant call, but still not particularly fun. As I told him that we’ve hired an attorney … Continue reading Struggling to stay focused

Rambling on a breezy Tuesday afternoon

i stayed up all night chatting with Daddy, doing some research on a project i’m planning and just…. well… waiting for Daddy to come home. Pretty much the typical Monday night. Tuesdays are always a wee bit rough in our house. Daddy’s coming off His first overnight with another one tonight, i’ve stayed up with Him and i don’t sleep much. Seems there’s always something … Continue reading Rambling on a breezy Tuesday afternoon