Yarn & Pets

I had a pet yarn catastrophe this morning and I’m actively working at not killing Ruffi. He peed on the floor, yes in the house *grrrr*, right next to the chair where my knitting is and managed to get the skein of yarn I’m knitting Daddy’s sweater with!!! I have plenty of yarn to work around it, but that’s not the point. Not even remotely. … Continue reading Yarn & Pets

Daddy’s surgery and random thoughts

Thank you for the kind words yesterday. 🙂 Daddy’s surgery went extremely smoothly. The enormous stone is gone and He’s on the mend. He’s a bit sore, but i could see the difference in Him even by the time we went to bed last night. i foresee a quick recovery for Daddy~Monstah. YAYYYY!!!!! Grumpy woke me up wayyyy too early this morning. i think it … Continue reading Daddy’s surgery and random thoughts

Holiday Baking

Quiet Sunday afternoon here in the McDaddy household. Daddy’s resting before work. The puppies are playing. Doors are open letting the cool fresh air fill the house during the few hours possible. Holiday baking has officially begun. 😉 I made gluten free gingerbread cupcakes a few days ago. My first time with gingerbread. All I can say is OMG! Daddy’s friends keep telling Him I … Continue reading Holiday Baking