Spread Eagle

Quite some time ago Daddy and i bought some gorgeous red bondage rope, my first set of handcuffs (soft red leather) and a leather/fur flogger (purple and black). Early yesterday morning the rope and cuffs had their maiden voyage! While i was showering, Daddy cut a long length of the rope stretching it under the mattress to tie the cuffs to. The flogger was laid … Continue reading Spread Eagle

New Toy

Vibrators do wear out eventually. Mine was a well loved, trusted friend. Not too long ago he found himself in the vibrator burial ground with all the other exhausted besties. I was hesitant to get a new one. I loved the other one. I knew just how it would work it’s magic. All the what ifs about a new one. I finally made the decision … Continue reading New Toy

Little Space with Daddy

Early Thursday morning i pulled out coloring books and all the stuff that goes with it. i sat at the dining room table with the stuff sprawled all over happy as a clam drinking cranberry-blackberry juice starting to color. It wasn’t long before Daddy was at the table with me coloring pictures of turtles and my little ponies. 🙂 His my little pony picture made … Continue reading Little Space with Daddy