Public Kink: Consent or Preference?

There is a divide I see among kinksters about public kink centered around other peoples consent. I’m whole heartedly on the side of it being a personal preference. I do agree that there are limits to what kinky activities are acceptable in public, but I hold vanilla couples and sex to the same standards. We have laws around sex and nudity for many, many reasons. … Continue reading Public Kink: Consent or Preference?

Fetlife Scum!

WARNING: This post contains material which may trigger readers related to predatory behavior, cannibalism and incest. For those of you who have wonderful experiences on Fetlife, I envy you! Truly. Not all of my experiences were bad… obviously! I met Daddy on Fetlife and went on to marry Him!!!! ♥ I had enough really bad experiences that it was time to go. The story I’m … Continue reading Fetlife Scum!

Being little

i read minnie’s post this morning about shame and kink. Made me think about my struggle in finding my little…. more like accepting that part of myself. Thought i’d share some of that now. Check out minnie’s post and share some love. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration. ♥ Being little is a core part of who i am, how i function in the world, … Continue reading Being little