Put Some Effort In

These are the words I want to tell EVERY woman that gives me the evil eye, makes her husband move so he’s not staring at me and makes jealous, nasty remarks about how I’m dressed or how I look or how much attention I get. PUT SOME EFFORT IN!!! I am by far not the most beautiful woman in the world, nor I am the … Continue reading Put Some Effort In

Ex’s are ex’s for a reason!

When I first joined Facebook I did what everyone did…. look up old friends, classmates, exs, co-workers, distant relatives. Curiosity. Hey, I wonder whatever happened to (blank)? I stumbled across my very first boyfriend. Let’s call him, Todd. He gave me a paragraph update on his life. Brief, polite. Ending with “My wife and I don’t allow friends with ex’s in our relationship”. I was … Continue reading Ex’s are ex’s for a reason!