Freaky Friday?

Well, i certainly hope so!!! *giggling* i woke up at zero dark early this morning with leg cramps. Ugh! Been a long time since i’ve had them. By the time i’d walked them off and hydrated i was wide eyed and bushy tailed. Quite literally… i slept in my unicorn onesie last night and it has a long fuzzy tail. 🙂 Our weekend is over. … Continue reading Freaky Friday?

Creative Juices Flow

As winter turns to spring each year, my creative juices begin to flow in a million directions. Cans of paint fill my garage for the project I’m waiting to do or leftover from the ones I did over the last few years. My spare bedroom is a craft room/office. The closet overflows with yarn, knitting and crocheting implements, pattern books along with yards of various … Continue reading Creative Juices Flow