Gift Giving

With Christmas and a slew of traditional gift giving occasions coming up I’m running into one of my most charming little characteristics. *giggles* Wanting to give gifts that I buy for someone immediately. I put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect gifts for those I love. Hours in the Hallmark store reading every card until I find the one that’s just … Continue reading Gift Giving

Daddy’s Daddy Day Gift

The little in me wants to bubble all over myself about the uber fantastic gift i just bought Daddy!!!! ♥ The responsible adult part of me wants to explain why i’m giving Him a Father’s Day gift. ♥ Little wins!!!! *Tigger bounces & giggles* Soooooo… for as long as i’ve known Daddy He’s told me all about His bike career. Bicycling, motocross, motorcycles. If it … Continue reading Daddy’s Daddy Day Gift