Kinky Mishaps

A few days ago Daddy and i were having some kinky fun. He had just taken me out of 4 point restraints after flogging my pussy. Mmmm… just thinking about it gets me tingly. *blushing* Toys not put away end up in my bratty hands!! Tickling, playful little thwaks with the flogger on His body. i thought it would be funny to slap His face … Continue reading Kinky Mishaps

Obedient Slut (18+ ONLY)

Daddy had just left for work. Long hours ahead of me before His return. i looked around the house at the catch up housework after the weekend. Our weekends together are my off time, too. Few chores or expectations aside from being available to spend every moment possible with Daddy. This has been His command since early in our life together. “i’m cleaning the house, … Continue reading Obedient Slut (18+ ONLY)