Edge For Me! (18+, NSFW)

Sometimes I really hate Fet! LOL I have a couple friends I follow that always trigger OMFG reactions in me. One of them posted a few pictures and memes that sent me into fantasy land and, frankly, have me a little tingly. The first image was of a beautiful Domme in an elegant evening dress lounging on a settee ordering someone to masturbate for her. … Continue reading Edge For Me! (18+, NSFW)

“Playing” with my dogs is a hard NO!!!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve visited FetLife. Last night I bit the bullet and went to look at my messages and catch up on my group discussioins. My pictures are really vanilla and my profile kinda prickly so I don’t get tons of messages. I also don’t put in the time and effort to grow a following again. I don’t want to. I … Continue reading “Playing” with my dogs is a hard NO!!!

Porn / Fetlife Addiction

I share myself and my life openly here. Today I’m sharing that I’m hurting and really heartbroken. I’m confused and overwhelmed. Honestly, I’m outraged and humiliated, as well. I am NOT seeking advice or opinions about what to do in this situation. I am simply putting my feelings and experiences forward. It’s hard enough to walk this path. Porn addiction has hit the McDaddy home. … Continue reading Porn / Fetlife Addiction

Fetlife Scum!

WARNING: This post contains material which may trigger readers related to predatory behavior, cannibalism and incest. For those of you who have wonderful experiences on Fetlife, I envy you! Truly. Not all of my experiences were bad… obviously! I met Daddy on Fetlife and went on to marry Him!!!! ♥ I had enough really bad experiences that it was time to go. The story I’m … Continue reading Fetlife Scum!