Can we stop slut shaming women?!

I can’t say I’ve never heard slut shaming from a man. Of course it happens. Where you hear it the most is from other women. Can we STOP!?!?!? Sexuality is part of human existence and totally natural. Do we have to moralize everything, criticize and shame women who express theirs differently or more freely?! I’m one of those women who just oozes sex appeal. I … Continue reading Can we stop slut shaming women?!

Deal Breakers

There are a number of issues which I am extremely hard on and will not budge. They are deal breakers in the relationship department…. from casual acquaintances through to romantic partners. I base my opinions on education and life experience. This list is probably not exhaustive nor is it in any particular order. Am I judgmental and harsh with a dose of hard-core bitch mixed … Continue reading Deal Breakers

Looking vs. Leering

Fellas, take note… there’s a big difference between looking at a beautiful, sexy woman and leering. The first is a compliment. It’s OK to take notice. It’s flattering. I dress in way that makes most men look. Staring and leering cross into the territory of being uncomfortable!! I’m gonna be really honest here. I’m used to being looked at and hit on. It’s a routine … Continue reading Looking vs. Leering

Let’s talk about letting men be gentlemen

As I’ve written about my husband over the last few months my friend, David @ , has commented that my husband should teach other men how to be men because he treats me so well. Thank you, David! 🙂 It warms my heart to have another man tell me I have a good one. I passed this on to Stephen with a suggestion that … Continue reading Let’s talk about letting men be gentlemen