Visit with my SIL

I wrote about our drive there a couple days ago. Today it’s time to write about the visit itself. Overall it was a beautiful, really fun day filled with laughter! It’s been about 15+ years since I’ve really spent any time with A. Needless to say a whole bunch of catching up to do! She remembers stories about my exes and family that I’d blocked … Continue reading Visit with my SIL

Liberal in a family of Consevatives

Growing up with my mother was a walking contradiction. She preached for equality, women’s rights, fought in the 1960’s for black rights, was supportive and kind to her friends with gay children when others weren’t. The list of liberal ideas and philosophies is endless…. until it came to our home and our family. It’s all fine on the outside, but don’t bring it home. She … Continue reading Liberal in a family of Consevatives