Things feel out of control in my life right now. The details don’t matter. What does matter is how I’m coping and/or not coping with the stress and overwhelm of emotions. I’ve ridden the wave of denial, trying to accept an insane situation and stuff my feelings about it. I’ve blown up a time or two. I’ve cried. I’ve scrubbed the house top to bottom. … Continue reading Control

Recovery from an Eating Disorder

This post is for Eliza following her request earlier today. Check out her blog I’ve written a number of posts about living with and overcoming from an eating disorder. Today I want to talk about living in recovery. I’ve been recovered for about 10 years now. It’s different in so many ways. One of them is having the ability to actively choose to self-soothe … Continue reading Recovery from an Eating Disorder

“Anorexia isn’t only for the thin…”

Trigger Warning: Graphic descriptions of anorexic behavior. May upset some reader or trigger others. I hit my adult height of 5’8″ at 12 years old. I was never your stick thin girl, I’m just not built that way. At 14 years old and 145 pounds, my ribs and hips stuck out, I had no breasts to speak of, my collar bone was very pronounced. I … Continue reading “Anorexia isn’t only for the thin…”