I’ve always had lots of friends. I’ve never been what one would call “popular”, but I always had lots of friends. I was never lost for a friend to see a movie with or whatever activity I was in the mood for. On the rare occasion everyone was busy, I have been content with my own company for many, many years. Marrying into an abusive … Continue reading Friendship

Deal Breakers

There are a number of issues which I am extremely hard on and will not budge. They are deal breakers in the relationship department…. from casual acquaintances through to romantic partners. I base my opinions on education and life experience. This list is probably not exhaustive nor is it in any particular order. Am I judgmental and harsh with a dose of hard-core bitch mixed … Continue reading Deal Breakers

Trauma DOESN’T make you stronger

The saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is fine. It has value and is true in many instances. It’s not meant to encapsulate every bad thing that’s ever happened to you. For example child abuse, rape, domestic violence, going to war … these are traumatic events which don’t make you stronger. They break you. Once anything is broken the integrity of the object … Continue reading Trauma DOESN’T make you stronger