Look, Daddy… Punky People!

“Happy anniversary, Daddy!!!”, arms spread wide for a morning hug and a grin spanning my face. “Happy anniversary, kitten”, hugging me tight to His chest, kissing my forehead. Today is the one year anniversary of Daddy moving out to California to be with me. ♥ i got up a little before Daddy this morning. Settled at my desk with a couple of coloring pages and … Continue reading Look, Daddy… Punky People!

Rambling at 6am

The weekend has officially ended in the McDaddy household. Daddy heads back to work this afternoon. We had the most spectacular time together!!! On Wednesday, i kinda insisted in my sweet subby ways that we get out of the house and do something. We needed a treat yo’ self weekend badly! i wrote about our date Wednesday where we went to lunch and a drive … Continue reading Rambling at 6am