Gift Giving

With Christmas and a slew of traditional gift giving occasions coming up I’m running into one of my most charming little characteristics. *giggles* Wanting to give gifts that I buy for someone immediately. I put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect gifts for those I love. Hours in the Hallmark store reading every card until I find the one that’s just … Continue reading Gift Giving

When Chinchilla and Rabbit Meet

Black Rex Rabbit bomber jacket arrived a few days ago in preparation for the chill fall air. The Chinchilla and leather hat came yesterday. The end of summer sales were just too much to resist! There was no stopping Daddy with quick pics seeing me swaddled in fur. 😉 I’m having an “i love my Daddy” moment. Not feeling terribly sexy and beautiful the last … Continue reading When Chinchilla and Rabbit Meet

Fetlife Scum!

WARNING: This post contains material which may trigger readers related to predatory behavior, cannibalism and incest. For those of you who have wonderful experiences on Fetlife, I envy you! Truly. Not all of my experiences were bad… obviously! I met Daddy on Fetlife and went on to marry Him!!!! ♥ I had enough really bad experiences that it was time to go. The story I’m … Continue reading Fetlife Scum!