Wonder kitten!!!

i know i’ve written before about our superhero role play. *giggles* Wonder Woman and Superman are particular favorites. *wink, wink* So when i was doing some online shopping for Halloween costumes last night and came across this dress… there was NO WAY i wasn’t going to order it!!!! i showed Daddy the dress before putting it in my cart, as it’s not an inexpensive dress. … Continue reading Wonder kitten!!!

Random Tuesday Ramblings

Daddy took me to dinner tonight. ♥ Haven’t been home all that long now. We went to one of our favorite date night spots. A steakhouse that’s been around for as long as I can remember. We had a great time. I’ve always been fascinated by the Holocaust. I’ll watch just about anything historical on the subject. Right now I’m watching ‘The Devil Next Door’ … Continue reading Random Tuesday Ramblings

Rambling at 6am

The weekend has officially ended in the McDaddy household. Daddy heads back to work this afternoon. We had the most spectacular time together!!! On Wednesday, i kinda insisted in my sweet subby ways that we get out of the house and do something. We needed a treat yo’ self weekend badly! i wrote about our date Wednesday where we went to lunch and a drive … Continue reading Rambling at 6am

Playing Dress Up

NSFW, Adult Content Tonight will be a nice date night with Daddy. He’s off for the next couple of days. Time for us to unwind, reconnect, bond. PLAY!! i have the perfect outfit all chosen. A slinky black wrap around number with corset ties down the side. The dress hugs every curve just right and shows off my ample cleavage. Pair it with stockings, heels … Continue reading Playing Dress Up

Shopping Day with Daddy

Good afternoon, friends! Daddy and i got up and out of the house early. Anything before noon is REALLY early for Him. lol He remarked on it when we were on the road at 10:15am. Stopped for a quick breakfast a local bagel shop. First fresh bagel Daddy’s had since moving to California 11 months ago. He was very impressed with the place. 🙂 It … Continue reading Shopping Day with Daddy