Fools’ names and faces appear in public places

This was an idea passed on from my grandmother, to my mother to me. It’s not so much about airing your dirty laundry in public. A hint of that, yes, but mostly about being sure you’re comfortable with what you’ve shared or done in public. It will always come back to you… good or bad. As a blogger, I opt to share my life and … Continue reading Fools’ names and faces appear in public places

Self-Esteem & Negative Feedback

“Fools’ names & faces appear in public places” is a saying I grew up hearing from my mother. The saying has many good lessons in it. In my family, there was also an often spoken message of don’t try, because you may fail and make a fool of yourself. The whole message became nicely wrapped up in this little phrase. Good and bad connotations alike. … Continue reading Self-Esteem & Negative Feedback