The Move: Anticipation

I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed about this upcoming move. I’m anticipating this huge, life changing event a few months down the road with little I can really do right now that will make a difference. It’s creating anxiety. My control issues are coming out in full force. I don’t deal well with ambiguity and waiting is the hardest thing in the world for me. Anticipation … Continue reading The Move: Anticipation

Sweet Distraction!

Today has been a shitshow of epic proportions! I’ve put on my Domme suit and handled business in the only way some people cooperate with… sheer force! I got done what I needed to… at least a beginning. I now have an idea of what I’m looking at and it’s bad. Really bad!!! The journey has just begun, but at least it’s begun. It’s always … Continue reading Sweet Distraction!

Real Life with Bipolar Disorder

Real life with bipolar disorder isn’t quite like you see in the movies and on TV. It can, but mostly not. For those of us who are medication compliant, those wild mood swings are tampered down making it easier for everyone around us, but most importantly us! I’ve always been affected by the change of the seasons quite dramatically. The hardest for me are always … Continue reading Real Life with Bipolar Disorder