Waking up to Daddy

NSFW. Adult Content. Daddy’s big hand caressing my back, soothing me. He pressed up close behind me pulling me tight to His body. Lips pressed to my neck. i moaned softly as i slowly woke. Hand on my cheek pulling my face to His. Submission. i rolled over to Him eager for His touch. Daddy’s strong body pinning me down, thrusting against me. Hands pinned … Continue reading Waking up to Daddy

Shhhhh…. Don’t Tell Anyone!

Stranded. Helpless. Over-powered. Fear in my eyes. Struggling to breathe. Bound. Abducted! These are among the things my naughty, kinky little brain fantasizes about. Daddy brought our joint fantasies into reality. I walked my dog in the park on a sunny Thursday afternoon oblivious to any danger. Watched Ruffian run and sniff carefree. The sunshine warm on my bare shoulders and legs. A shiver of … Continue reading Shhhhh…. Don’t Tell Anyone!