Collaring and Ownership

Collaring and ownership mean different things to different people. Every dynamic is different! i’ll start by telling you what it means to me and what it looks like in my relationship with Daddy. When i first entered the lifestyle i was taught that collaring a sub was the same level commitment as getting married. It’s a long term, serious commitment and not to be jumped … Continue reading Collaring and Ownership

BDSM Protocol Reminder

My husband is my MASTER. I am HIS owned & collared submissive. Making passes at an owned submissive without the express permission of her Master is a serious breach of BDSM protocol. It extends beyond the social norms of hitting on another mans wife. Disrespecting her in any way is directly disrespecting her Master. She is His property and a reflection of Him. Being disrespectful … Continue reading BDSM Protocol Reminder

Tritip for Breakfast?

As you know, i was up at the crack of dawn. i started cleaning house around 8:30. Didn’t get much done, but it was nice time spent with Daddy. ♥ In the course of futzing around the kitchen, i remembered there was meat in the fridge that needed to be packaged in portions and frozen. Darn! i didn’t have another big Ziplock freezer bag for … Continue reading Tritip for Breakfast?

The Beauty of Ownership

We were dancing cheek-to-cheek in our hotel room after a romantic dinner last July when Daddy started kissing me and pinned me against the wall, looked deep in my eyes and proclaimed, “you belong to ME”. my lip started to quiver and i couldn’t look into His eyes for fear of crying. i was overwhelmed with love. He’d said the words before, but never with … Continue reading The Beauty of Ownership

Leash soon, Daddy?

Late last night i looked over at Daddy as we watched TV and asked, “Leash soon, Daddy? It’s been a long time…” He said what He does so often, “Soon, kitten… soon.” i was disappointed, but respectful. “i understand, Daddy.” Knowing His little girl, He asked if i’d noticed He put it away earlier in the day when we’d had company. i shook my head, … Continue reading Leash soon, Daddy?