Submission & Chronic Illness Revisited

When i first began this blog i wrote a post about the difficulties of being submissive and having a chronic illness. It’s never easy having chronic medical conditions! Being submissive lends to the emotional impact on me when i’m not well. The last few days have been a prime example. Daddy and i have a system for how we run our home and our lives. … Continue reading Submission & Chronic Illness Revisited

A Rant on Medical Costs

I’m one of those people who has life long, chronic illnesses which require constant treatment to keep me out the emergency room and inpatient hospital stays. I simply CANNOT have poor medical insurance or ones with outrageous co-pays and all of the crap that goes with it. I’ve been with Kaiser nearly my whole life. I’ve always upgraded my policy from what work offered. The … Continue reading A Rant on Medical Costs