When Chinchilla and Rabbit Meet

Black Rex Rabbit bomber jacket arrived a few days ago in preparation for the chill fall air. The Chinchilla and leather hat came yesterday. The end of summer sales were just too much to resist! There was no stopping Daddy with quick pics seeing me swaddled in fur. 😉 I’m having an “i love my Daddy” moment. Not feeling terribly sexy and beautiful the last … Continue reading When Chinchilla and Rabbit Meet

Random Tuesday Ramblings

Daddy took me to dinner tonight. ♥ Haven’t been home all that long now. We went to one of our favorite date night spots. A steakhouse that’s been around for as long as I can remember. We had a great time. I’ve always been fascinated by the Holocaust. I’ll watch just about anything historical on the subject. Right now I’m watching ‘The Devil Next Door’ … Continue reading Random Tuesday Ramblings

Chubby Little Photo Challenge Day 6: Take A Nap!

Slowing down is something i don’t do well. Daddy routinely tells me to take a down day, rest and be quiet. Even when i’m sick, i still want to get up and go. The picture below was taken this winter. Daddy hadn’t been here very long. i had a bad case of bronchitis plus i’d taken a bad spill and bruised and scraped myself all … Continue reading Chubby Little Photo Challenge Day 6: Take A Nap!

Day 1: Chubby Little Photo Challenge

Penny Berry has started a photo challenge for littles to show ourselves in all our ages, shapes and sizes. We’re all different… and beautiful! ♥ Today is dress up in your favorite onesie. i don’t have onesies, so i’m taking a picture in Daddy’s favorite jammies. 🙂 i’m soft & cuddly and Daddy loves my curves! (i do, too…) Show ’em off girls! ♥ Come … Continue reading Day 1: Chubby Little Photo Challenge