Rambling on a breezy Tuesday afternoon

i stayed up all night chatting with Daddy, doing some research on a project i’m planning and just…. well… waiting for Daddy to come home. Pretty much the typical Monday night. Tuesdays are always a wee bit rough in our house. Daddy’s coming off His first overnight with another one tonight, i’ve stayed up with Him and i don’t sleep much. Seems there’s always something … Continue reading Rambling on a breezy Tuesday afternoon

Hand-in-Hand with Daddy

We just got back from a stroll around the neighborhood. The wind is crisp and cool. 🙂 Sunny skies. Just the purrrfect fall day for a walk. Ruffi ran around sniffing all of the fallen leaves and the new scents on the wind. He was in puppy dog heaven! Fallen oak leaves scattered the ground. i picked one up excitedly asking Daddy if He’d do … Continue reading Hand-in-Hand with Daddy

A Tuesday in September

It’s been one of those days. It started with getting up before Daddy got home and just slid more sideways as the day went on. Phone calls…. dealing with insurance and contractors. Talking to attorneys. Waiting too long to eat and forgetting to take my meds on time. I was successful in getting immediate payment from the insurance company. It was issued today! Still just … Continue reading A Tuesday in September