I make no bones about being atheist. There is no god…. at all. Christian or otherwise. There is no hell. If we really wanna get deep, I’ll tell you that none of us really exist and free will is a complete crock of shit. I have a special disdain for Christianity that I don’t experience for any other faith. No matter what branch of Christianity … Continue reading Christianity

Why is atheism hard to understand?

I’m truly curious why there are so many people I run into who don’t grasp that as an atheist, I don’t believe in a source or creator, gods, goddesses of any kind or number, or even a higher power. There is… NOTHING. This isn’t unsettling to me. I don’t feel the need to feel connected to something larger than myself or even a sense of … Continue reading Why is atheism hard to understand?

Religious Rant

FFS people, if you actually think that the christian god has struck the world with the corona virus to shut down sports, movie theaters and other things to bring people back to faith…. and prayer will make this god restore the world YOU”RE INSANE and need to keep your fucking mouth shut!!! This is a dangerous line of thinking and spouting this crap puts lives … Continue reading Religious Rant