Being a little & Age Play

I was 18 or 19 when I realized that I’m a little. I didn’t have that word or an understand of what it would all mean for me. I just knew there’s a part of me that would never grow up. Men have recognized it in me for as long as I can remember. I was about 23 the first time a man called me … Continue reading Being a little & Age Play

Little Talk

Today I’m going to talk about what it means to be a little. What it’s like. What activities and feelings are associated with being a little along with the difference between age play and little space. Littles are adults who regress to a younger, child-like place mentally and emotionally. This state is referred to as Little Space. Being in little space is almost exactly like … Continue reading Little Talk

What age play looks like for me…

When Daddy and i first met, we were both pretty rigidly against age play. It hit that moral “Ewwwwww” spot for both of us. Slowly over time, we found ourselves dipping our toes in… now it’s a regular part of our sex life. i’ve found that engaging in age play takes various forms depending on mood, kink of the day and whether i’m in little … Continue reading What age play looks like for me…

Is it a matter of semantics?

When I first found myself plopped right smack dab in the middle of the BDSM community, I was totally unknowledgeable about different kinks, terminology, protocol… let’s just say pretty much everything. Now that I’m a few years in, I’m pretty well versed in most of the terminology and concepts. Of course, I’m most informed in my own specific areas of interest. This brings me to … Continue reading Is it a matter of semantics?

Playing Dress Up

NSFW, Adult Content Tonight will be a nice date night with Daddy. He’s off for the next couple of days. Time for us to unwind, reconnect, bond. PLAY!! i have the perfect outfit all chosen. A slinky black wrap around number with corset ties down the side. The dress hugs every curve just right and shows off my ample cleavage. Pair it with stockings, heels … Continue reading Playing Dress Up

Waking up to Daddy

NSFW. Adult Content. Daddy’s big hand caressing my back, soothing me. He pressed up close behind me pulling me tight to His body. Lips pressed to my neck. i moaned softly as i slowly woke. Hand on my cheek pulling my face to His. Submission. i rolled over to Him eager for His touch. Daddy’s strong body pinning me down, thrusting against me. Hands pinned … Continue reading Waking up to Daddy

Shhhhh…. Don’t Tell Anyone!

Stranded. Helpless. Over-powered. Fear in my eyes. Struggling to breathe. Bound. Abducted! These are among the things my naughty, kinky little brain fantasizes about. Daddy brought our joint fantasies into reality. I walked my dog in the park on a sunny Thursday afternoon oblivious to any danger. Watched Ruffian run and sniff carefree. The sunshine warm on my bare shoulders and legs. A shiver of … Continue reading Shhhhh…. Don’t Tell Anyone!