Far Away

I’m a California girl. Born and raised, 2nd generation. I’ve lived within 100 miles of San Francisco my entire life. I’ve traveled minimally. Not for lack of want, but life just hasn’t taken me that direction. I’ve had 2 opportunities in my life to pick up and go anywhere I want. Do what I want. Both times I did what I thought I was supposed … Continue reading Far Away

The Beauty of Emotions

I grew up in a family where feelings were more than frowned upon. Don’t show too much of anything. I was taught to stay in this narrow emotional zone. In the clinical world, we call that having a restricted affect. It took me many, many years to break free from that insane restriction on what and how much I was “allowed” to feel (and show). … Continue reading The Beauty of Emotions

Marriage is Hard Work!

Relationships are hard! Damn they’re hard! The good ones are the ones where the good days outweigh the ones that are a struggle. I ranted earlier about Facebook. Truth be told, the rant wasn’t about the comments themselves or even social media at large. The rant was pent up anger at my husband for unresolved hurts triggered once again by a similar situation. There were … Continue reading Marriage is Hard Work!